The arrival

London welcomed me with surprisingly mild temperatures and a sunny blue sky. I placed my head on the coach window and felt the warmth of the sun’s rays. I would have enjoyed basking in the sunshine if it had not been for the coach’s air conditioner freezing the interior of the bus.

over the river

A view over Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

Wolfson College, my home for the next few months, unfortunately my first impressions were taken over by the less than organized welcome I received in the absence of an information packet. The packet is a lifeline that insures your existence at Wolfson College – use of phone, connection to the internet, meals, laundry, how to get around, without it you are walking blind and hungry after a 24 hour trip.

A fire drill this morning got the residents awake at 7am. I applaud anyone who can sleep through the blaring siren. It did not wake me up as I had already been up for a few hours. My body is till stuck on Perth time which is seven hours ahead.

An extremely charming porter, David, came to my rescue on Monday, paid for my breakfast, assured me that everything would be under control and renewed my confidence in Wolfson College. At breakfast I looked around me and felt here I am sitting in a room with some of the greatest minds in the world. I only hope their brilliance can rub onto me.