Dinner with Jack

I vied for his attention, fought hard for intelligent things to say to impress him but at the end of day Dr. Jack Mapanje, is typical of a favourite Uncle. Continuing where he left off from a last visit long ago although it was our first meeting, with a warmth and passion that draws people near, filled with mirth and cheer, stories to make you laugh and tales to make you cry, and a curiosity that will even cause you to soberly reflect.  I know I ate but I can not recall any tastes. I spent my evening with all my senses engaged in his story telling, enraptured by his narratives. Early that evening he had read colourful poems some political – Beasts of Nalunga, some humourous – Civilization, some amusing stories – Justine Copps. I admit poetry is not my passion although I won three years running the verse speaking competition in high school but that probably had more to do with my ability to memorise the lines and speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience.

At dinner we talked about complex issues like the state of Kenyan politics and the mundane annoying things like the voice of the GPS navigator. The evening sadly went by too quickly, I was left with so much more I wanted to ask.