No more days left in the world calendar

7th May 2010

“Counting Malaria Out” is not the most inspiring of themes for the third World Malaria Day that took place on the 25th of April. It is another day to add onto the growing list of internationally recognised health days which by my calculation can exceed 24 internationally observed days in one month, for example in October. Some months have days with competing events, for example 21st March, which is International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, World Down Syndrome Day and World Poetry Day. In addition there are awareness weeks like Disarmament Week, October 24-30, and also months, for example Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. There are themed years like the Year of Astronomy in 2009, and even decades such as the First International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People 1995 – 2004. This makes for quite a hectic schedule. These periods of time are meant to increase awareness, raise funds, be a time of remembrance, and offer information and support on various issues of international concern. They are not just limited to health topics. But by having so many do they lose their significance? read more