Malawi Science Centre Phase 1 launched in style!

Deputy Minister cutting ribbon

It was an exhilarating blend of science and culture that opened the launch of the first phase of the Malawi Science Centre. The launch took place at the Chichiri Museum in Blantyre on the 27th October, 2010. The occasion was graced by members of parliament, officials from government ministries, hundreds of school children and teachers, NGOs, charitable organizations, educational institutions, and private companies.

The first phase of the Malawi Science Centre Project involved identifying space indoors and outdoors at the Chichiri Museum and inviting interested companies to show case their science based exhibits. On display at the museum are quality assurance testing instruments; soap, and milk manufacturing equipment; hydropower generation facilities; models of human body parts; and telecommunication equipment amongst many items.

Cross section of students

The next phase of the project is to fundraise  US$3 million  for the construction of a purposely built fully fledged science centre. The activities of the science centre will include amongst many others the display of interactive science and technology exhibits,  support to schools  in conducting hands-on science experiments and demonstrations, develop curriculum based skills programs and workshops for teachers, organize career-mentoring public talks and lectures on science, engineering and technology , and organize science cafes to discuss topical scientific issues.

Thank you to the companies that are showcasing their science exhibits. Congratulations to the Malawi Science Centre Project Steering Committee (SCPSC) namely Department of Science & Technology, Museums of Malawi, Chichiri Lions Club, College of Medicine and Malawi Bureau of Standards.

Delegates viewing wind driven pump

Delegates viewing wind driven pump

If you are interested in getting involved contact

Lovemore Mazibuko, Museums of Malawi, Chairperson of SCPSC, 0888551808; lovemazi-museum [at];

Willy Muyila, Malawi Bureau of Standards, Secretary SCPSC,0888104514; willymuyila [at];

George Chirombe, Chichiri Lions Club, Project Treasurer  SCPSC & Chairperson for Fundraising; 0888826151, gtchirombe [at]

Welcoming Deputy Minister

Welcoming Deputy Minister

6 thoughts on “Malawi Science Centre Phase 1 launched in style!

  1. A great achievement! Let us not allow this step to be the last but ensure that the science centre grows and our children are motivated and encouraged to pursue science education. We can reinvent Malawi through our own scientists. The chidlrens innate creativity and resourcefulness matched with an education in science will see a brighter future for them and the development of Malawi.

  2. Thank for taking time out of your very busy schedule to comment! We must maintain the momentum for the science centre.

  3. I visited the Museum of Malawi in Blantyre earlier this year. If you can bring some life to the place it will certainly be an accomplishment. Increasing science literacy is certainly a worthy cause. I look forward to the updates.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment Justin. Its good to get feedback from someone who has been to the Museum. Its time to energize the museum and rid people of the idea that its a dusty old place. Even with what is there a lot more can be done to engage school kids, families and visitors with Malawian culture, history and science. More school visits, more education programs, more awareness and more people getting involved.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven’t been to the Cape Maclear Museum but I know there have been a lot of NGO sponsored projects related to the National Park there, some better than others. My personal doctoral research is looking at how western coastal management policies, those usually termed “Integrated Coastal Management” have been implemented and conceptualized in non-western countries. I’m using some theories and approaches from the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) to do this.
    The research center that I hope to create, however, will focus more on doing baseline research on Lake Malawi limnology and biodiversity. My hope is to form partnerships with some Malawian universities so that their students can research with us and to host international volunteer researchers at the same time. The idea is to provide a space where Malawian and international researchers can work together, learning about each other while studying Lake Malawi.

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