Malawians walk slower than the Japanese but…. are happier!

Malawians have been ridiculed…yes ridiculed…(forgive me if it starts a diplomatic war) by a Japanese comedy show for being the slowest walkers. In a study conducted by the psychologist Prof. Richard Wiseman through the British council, Malawi came in last among 32 countries, with the slowest average time (31.6 seconds) it takes to walk 60 feet, the country in 31st position was Bahrain with 17.69 seconds. The study is investigating the pace of life. In the 1990s, a study demonstrated that the speed of walking provides a good indication of the pace of life in a city. The Pace of Life webpage states that “people in fast-moving cities are less likely to help others and have higher rates of coronary heart disease.”  So fear not fellow Malawians coming in last is not a bad thing. We maybe the slowest walkers but according to Forbes we are the happiest too.

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