New tablet launched by Nigerian company

Africans doing it for themselves! A 29 year old entrepeneur from Nigeria, Saheed Adepoju, has developed a low cost tablet….ok low cost by Western standards if you compare the price of the Inye $250 to $700 for an Ipad. The Inye which means One in Igala (a Nigerian lanugage) runs on Google’s Android System. The first 100 units of the Inye were made in China but developed by Saheed. In a BBC interview with Saheed, he commented on designing apps to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and water and sanitation. He hopes the Inye will be embraced by students, the Nigerian government and the African market.

2 thoughts on “New tablet launched by Nigerian company

  1. hate to be the voice of doom but tried to buy this when they launched in Nigeria where they are based. Terrible and disorganised customer service – if it fails it won’t be because Africans don’t support their own – it will be because the team needs a stronger marketing person to drive sales and raise their profile! How many companies get a free ad on CNN – they should be taking advantage of the situation!

  2. What a waste of free advertising! Customer service really does suck eggs in “Africa”. The mobile phone companies well at least the ones in Malawi, the airlines (South African Airways is ok at times but Kenya Airways is awful), restaurant service, bank service. How do we expect to compete in a global market if we are not successful in all elements of the supply chain? As patrons we are either too complacent or with some companies its the arrogance of being the dominant player! I hope you put in a formal complaint Ade.

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