Study confirms that Malawian Fanta is the best Fanta in the world!

An Australian study has conclusively confirmed Fanta produced in Malawi is the best Fanta in the world. A consumer preference test conducted this week at the University of Western Australia found 77% of consumers picked Malawian Fanta as their favourite. Participants of mixed sexes, ages, and nationalities were blinded i.e. they did not know which samples were for which product.

They were each given five set of cups and were asked to fill in a questionnaire that asked them to rate on a scale of 1-5 – colour, taste, fizz, and preference of Australian plastic bottled Fanta, South African canned Fanta, Malawian glass bottled Fanta, Malawian plastic bottled Fanta, and Australian Sunkist.  Participants were asked to rinse their mouths with water in between tastings to avoid taste contamination.

Participants were surprised when it was revealed that over 50% of them had chosen Malawian plastic bottled Fanta as the most enjoyable followed by 25% who choose Malawian glass bottled Fanta and then Sunkist in third place. The worst Fanta was South African canned Fanta.


Did you know the Fanta originated from Germany when they could not find the products for Coca Cola during the World War.

Fanta comes from the German world Fantasie – imagination.

Different countries have different Fanta formulas

  • The orange juice proportions may vary in different countries – Australia 5% , Brazil 10%, USA no orange juice!
  • Some countries use corn syrup and others use real sugar.
  • Someone once told me the local hardness (mineral content) of the water can also affect the taste of the soft drink.

In the interest of fairness and disclosure I should state the study limitations. It was a small sample of nine people (that’s why I stated the results in percentages), but nine people who nonetheless had very discerning taste buds. The study was conducted by yours truly who is biased in favour of Malawian glass bottled Fanta. The Malawian glass bottled Fanta was transported in a horizontal position, in a suitcase, in a pressurized air cabin and had lost its fizz by the time of its arrival, this may have adversely affected its taste.

But no matter how small the study was, Malawian Fanta is the best in the world. Thank you Southern Bottlers Limited (SOBO) Malawi! Although personally, Fanta Passion also made in Malawi is my favourite. What is your favourite flavour?