Muza, the filmmaker

9th January 2010

I don’t look at television the same way any more. My eyes have become more critical, more keen, thinking of the sequences, the composition, the cuts, the camera angles, the narrative, captivating openings and strong endings. These are the long term effects of a two week intensive course in documentary film making.  I was living, breathing, consuming, and dreaming documentaries as result of the Doclab course that I took at the Documentary Film Makers Group from the 7th to 21st December. Intense falls very short of describing this course, it gave me a renewed respect for film makers especially those who self shoot. Documentary film making requires a unique combination of skills, planning, and most importantly talent that I can phantom will take me years to cultivate!

We worked with industry standard cameras – Sony Z1 and edited with the top of range final cut pro. Our tutors were experts in the field. Rosa Rogers – directing tutor and Anton Califono – editing tutor. We directed, shoot, conceptualized, storyboarded, edited, researched, recced, sought permissions, releases and agreements  to each produce a 3 minute film. At the end of the two weeks there was a real sense of friendship amongst the six participants. We each had the opportunity to direct one film and be the camera person on another.  In search of African pioneers, is the product braving the cold streets of London, feigning off frost bite, circumventing  pesky market inspectors, and hatching up last minute plans when one crucial filming location was inconveniently closed for business. These skills will go a long way in making what I hope will be a good film on African science heroes.  In search of African Pioneers is a prelude , the final full length  film African science heroes will feature interviews with leading African scientists, the Malawian public, African aspiring scientists in tertiary education in the UK, Malawian school kids and their teachers. So world, Africa and science engagement watch out cause here comes Muza, the filmmaker!

9 thoughts on “Muza, the filmmaker

  1. Muza,
    Wow – nice job! From the first time I met you as a member of the African Journal Partnership Project I knew your potential was boundless. I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

  2. Dear Muza
    Your film is wonderful. While I personally loved seeing you and hearing your voice, the film itself is educational and inspiring. I plan to show it to my colleagues.
    I wish you continued success.

  3. Nice! Good clear cinematography – great camera man and camera! Why don’t they use this type of camera more on OBE, BEN and the other African channels? Great direction and editing Muza – can’t wait to see the full piece!

  4. damnit, insufficient bandwidth to watch… hopefully you’ll be looking at a super-accessible medium for disseminating this in africa… can’t wait to see!

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